Anarchism today is a popular current in proletariat and youth. Its symbol is the encircled A. Many utopian ideas unite us, e.g. camaraderie, amorousity and total defiance to class society and male dominance.

For further dissemination of anarchist ideas we plan an anarchist book fair in the halls of the Vienna University of Fine Arts. There you can get an overview about the new publications of dozens of anarchist publishing-houses and newspapers from Austria, Suisse, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, France and other areas. Parallel to the book fair you can get in touch with authors, activists and other attendants of the fair during countless debates, book presentations, lectures, film screenings and discussions.

To continue intensive talks about the social and ecological crisis Friday and Saturday night (or just to dance and enjoy) there will be concerts and performances in the workers club favoriten in the Ernst-Kirchweger-House.

Entrance is free.